Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Summer-Fall 2009 Pictures (Reverse Order)

Melissa, Matt, and Ben just before the Big Lick Triathlon. Team Name: Inside Joke. What's the joke? Not sure we ever figured that one out.
At the San Francisco Intercontinental Hotel with the Nicaragua delegation. September 2009

View of Lake Atitlan (from San Pedro)
Just after sunset in San Pedro (surrounded by volcanoes)

Thinking "Is that burning rubber I smell? Probably just my shoes...."

Tough hike up Volcano Pacaya

Regulator in Guatemala actually did topography work on this temple ground years ago. He also helped build about 40 chapels in Guatemala.

Visiting the Momotombo Geothermal Plant (with colleague from the Nicaraguan Energy Institute - Aura)

Church in Pretoria -July 09

Nothing like an Air Supply concert with energy regulators Nicaragua. I happened to sit next to the sound engineer for the concert on my flight to Nicaragua and he got us in for free.

Petra - Jordan (May 2009) - Hiked all day (10+ miles) in my flip flops. Definitely recommend (not the flip flop part)

San Francisco with Marco and Paul from Nicaragua - Sept 2009


Greg and Tammy said...

Well, well, well... if it isn't a new post from Matt. Very cool pics.

And FREE tickets to Air Supply? That is one SWEET deal. Hope you hid them with your life... could have been a nasty mugging.

Thanks for the update. You've been around this summer. And what led did you do in the triathlon? Greg and I are training for a sprint in November.

the 84RKR said...

6 months since your last post... ehem. at least this one was full of good pictures. hope all's well in DC, although it seems you don't spend much time there anyways.

Anonymous said...

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rizal said...

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