Wednesday, October 31, 2007

What am I doing in Utah?

So a few of my friends have asked....what are you doing in Utah? Note the stress of this question lands on "doing" and not "Utah" for all those who may be sensitive about their Utah residence. Utah truly is a good place...and incredibly beautiful this time of year. So what have I been doing? Well, here's a short list....

1. I go to the international cinema on BYU's campus about once a week. Good films....and it's free -- just my kind of activity.

2. I go watch the BYU women's soccer games. Good soccer and well, I'll be honest...really cute girls (the ones playing soccer). Does that make me creepy? Hope not.

3. I weed my sister Megan's garden and do yard work. I am grateful for sisters who don't have time in their schedule and are willling to pay me to be their yard slave. Thanks Megan.

4. I throw dinner parties with old friends (ok, I only did this once).

5. I take vacations from my "vacation". (I went to St. George to see Lindsay run a marathon and the next week I went to Disneyland and the San Diego Zoo with my brother's out just before the fires hit.)

6. I lift weights in the morning. (Yeah...I'm getting big. Ok, maybe not....but I do lift a little.)

7. I've started studying Chinese again. (On my own.)

8. I talk to a Chilean entrepreneur periodically about importing olive oil....need to get moving on that.

9. I play online scrabble....thank you Anna and Facebook.
10. and finally, I look through lots of job listings and every now and again apply to a job that I find interesting.

That's what I do.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Importing Olive Oil and Avocado Oil from Chile

I've started to do more research on importing olive oil and avocado oil from Chile and it really seems like there is some potential here. Although Chile has yet to establish a reputation as a main olive oil producer, I see plenty of potential. Regarding price, Chilean olive oil should be able to keep transportation costs lower by shipping to the western US. I've tried the olive oil myself and am impressed with the rich flavor. Here are a few pictures of what I would like to start importing. I still need to figure out a number of other issues before I get started, but I'm excited about using my creativity to see how I can get the ball rolling here.