Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Any guesses?
Maybe I'm crazy, but I'd like your opinion. Here's the situation: I have a laptop. It works fine...usually. I came to visit my parents in Utah earlier this week and that's when the problem starts. My laptop won't boot up in my parent's house. I take it in to get it checked by the pros, and it works problems. I take it home...and it won't boot up. I've tried to turn on my computer about 20 times in the house and it won't work. I tried using the scientific method and hypothesized that my parent's house is I took my laptop outside. It starts when I take it out to the backyard...but not indoors. I took the laptop in again to the "pros", saying it was having problems...but of course they found no problems. Maybe my friend Hyrum was right when he pointed out years ago that I was a complete idiot when it came to computers. Or maybe I'm just crazy and hallucinating.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

My Moment of Fame on Youtube
Ok, maybe 25 views on Youtube doesn't constitute as famous...but it's a start. For the second year in a row the La Jolla Singles Ward has held a man pageant. After being denied participation the first year I dedicated myself, through disciplined manipulation, to becoming a real live participant. Anyway, the first minute or two is a lot of talk, but then you get to see my real talents. Enjoy.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Done with School Forever?
I shouldn't say never, but I feel happy enough to be done with school that I'm not sure I'll ever be going back. But then again, you never know. I finished my master degree in International Relations at UC San Diego back in June. This posting is a little delayed, but for any of you that I haven't talked to in some time I thought I would try to get you up to date. On those late nights when I should have been writing term papers or finishing an econometrics paper (my favorite of course) I could often be found seeking any excuse to procrastinate...which I have found can be very common in post-graduate programs. Here's one example....if there's something you should be doing, Youtube proves be a great way to avoid doing that thing. Enjoy...(I warn you...this may give you nightmares...and yes, it's for real.)

Ughh.....Job Hunting

A little too much fun in South America has left me job hunting at the moment. This is going to require some patience on my part. I remember when I was about 10 years old and they asked us in school what we wanted to be when we grow up. It gave me anxiety then...kind of like it is right now. Funny how little some things change over the years. Still wondering what I'm going to be when I grow up. I guess since 30 is rapidly approaching it's time to consider growing up and taking on some serious responsibility.

Everyone says its about hear goes...anyone know of a good job out there working as a program manager for an international non-profit? Well, is worth trying.

I applied for a job in Seattle today working for an organization called One World Now. Looks like they do some interesting work with disadvantaged high school students, providing after school programs and scholarships to study Mandarin or Arabic while studying abroad. I'm also working on getting my own business setup so I can start dabbling in some importing. I did a little research today on olive oil prices, and starting to understand the industry a little better. Now I just need a license and people to sell it to. It seems like in the olive oil world there has been talk about Chile entering the U.S. market for the past couple of years. Maybe if I've timed it just right I can get in on it. Whatever happens it should be a fun project to work on while I look for other work. If I don't find something in the next few weeks I'll start teaching English again at the school that I taught at last year...ICAE. Here's a snapshot of the school and its surroundings. It's not incredible pay, but it should help pay the bills while I hunt.